Week Three: Forgive Us

And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

DAY ONE: Examine the Blueprint

What is Jesus saying in this passage? Do you think Jesus wanted us to ask for forgiveness of specific sins or just general forgiveness of our debts? How does Matthew 5:38-42 help clarify Jesus’ teaching?

DAY TWO: Discuss the Design

How would your life look different if you were asking God to forgive you daily? How are you doing with forgiving others? Examine your heart for any bitterness from unforgiven debts.

Renovate(Email)DAY THREE: Start the Demolition

As you meditate on this verse, make a list of anyone you need to forgive. Now, discuss or journal any sins you haven’t released to God. In what areas do you need to specifically ask for forgiveness? Consider reading Matthew 7:7-12 as a prayer to God.

DAY FOUR: Structure Repair

What is one change you can make this week to repent of your sins? As you look at the list of people you need to forgive, create a plan to have a tough conversation that you have been putting off.

DAY FIVE: Finishing Touches

How has God been speaking to you this week about your renovation? What steps do you still need to take to seek forgiveness or to forgive someone else?

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